Fueled by a mutual interest in revitalizing the authenticity of Rock & Roll music into the mainstream, Acting Natural lead singer & guitarist Eric Carnevale, bass guitarist/vocalist James David Maney, and drummer/vocalist Jesse Leonard have aligned their unwavering dedication to creating quality music with a signature sound. Their inspirations range from legendary artists of the past and present. Acting Natural’s unique sound is focused around passion and solid musicianship.

This young trio, based out of New York City, and each a multi-instrumentalist with refreshingly down-to- earth dispositions, started their journey together at the age of just 13 years old. They began writing and recording original material not long after, instinctively creating a fresh sound with Rock & Roll roots and modern vibes. Singing three-part harmonies, their distinctive blend of music and lyrics is drawn from personal inspirations and experiences, allowing the band to be fully expressive and creative in their songwriting. “Each one of us in the band has a somewhat different musical style, which makes for an interesting creative playing field both on and off the stage.”

Acting Natural simply means to naturally be what you are. To be Aware, Awake, Able and Alive. The band’s artistry is instinctive. With their appealing on-stage chemistry and addictive melodies, the band is confident in their ability to leave an impact and connect to audiences. “We are musicians, but we are also huge fans of music. It’s our identity, it’s in our blood.” remarks Maney.

Although the band’s primary genre is rock, their music manages to cross genres and generations, attracting people from all sides of the spectrum and any ethnicity, from kids in their early teens to adults over 50. An extremely unique quality to an artist that is not often discovered. “Being accepted by people from many different styles and walks of life is a really beautiful thing for us. We’ve played in everything from hip hop clubs, to hardcore metal venues and have been so grateful for such a positive response across the board. It’s a spiritual feeling really. We get to play to people. Not these people, or those people…All people. Music has so much power. If we can contribute to even the slightest bit of bringing people together, we believe that’s a whole other accomplishment on its own, bigger than anything.”

The release of their first EP was a game-changing year for Acting Natural as they garnered the support of iHeartMedia. Kicking off with a ‘LIVE SESSIONS’ performance at the iHeartRadio
HQ in NYC, to presenting at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. From there, the band joined the ‘Jingle Ball’ tour, performing and presenting in the pre-show’s across America. They have been propelled onto the scene, featured in some of the biggest media & radio outlets in the U.S.

Currently recording in Memphis’s legendary Royal Studio’s with Grammy award winning producer Boo Mitchell, the group is working on their new LP.  One can expect great things coming for the band – New music, collaborations, and national tours to follow.


Eric Carnevale

Guitarist & Lead Vocalist

James David Maney

Bassist & Vocalist

Jesse Leonard

Drummer & Vocalist