About JD

A passionate bass player with an infatuation for music, a memorable tone and a thirst for success.

Born in Tampa, Florida, James David Maney, 23, is the bassist in the band Acting Natural.  His style is rambunctious and tasteful, a vigorous rhythmic force in the bands sound. He has a taste for melody and a love for the bass that bleeds through in every note. His ability to use his instrument to depict his emotions, without uttering a lyric, is a charming attribute full of depth, strengthening the band’s chemistry.

Influenced by Black Sabbath, Metallica, The Beatles and The red hot chili peppers, JD has embodied the passion and raw emotion in his music, from that which he grew up listening to. “These are bands that strived for greatness and influenced generations. From the funky mellow tunes of the Chili Peppers, the flawless vocal harmonies of The Beatles and the relentless structure and aggression of Metallica, these bands resonated within me.”, says Maney.

Dedicating many years to honing and evolving his craft with the bass guitar, He plays with the enthusiasm to leave an audience with a feeling of true musical connection.  “My goal is to take silence, transform it into music, convey it to an audience and trust that it has been well received..”, remarks Maney.

Full of wit and unbridled passion, James is inspired by personal experiences that resonate within him. This inspiration is shared through his playing, in which he transforms his feelings into music.