About Eric

An ambitious down to earth musician, composing addictive melodies that impact an audience.

Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Eric Carnevale, 23, is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the Rock & Roll Band, Acting Natural. His musical ambition developed from listening to a wide array of influences from The Beatles & Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Eminem & Beethoven. “They inspired me to pick up an instrument, leaving me absorbed in music since I played my first chord.”

Having the urge to express musically has always been a driving factor in Carnevale’s aspirations. For several years he has been refining his skills as a musician, teaching himself to play an array of instruments such as the guitar, drums, bass, piano, harmonica and French horn.  A classy yet edgy songwriter, he sometimes uses the art of whistling to create melodies before applying lyrics, creating a full imagery of his inner emotion. His energetic stage presence spills over into Acting Natural’s alluring chemistry, full of loud electric guitar, and the passionate delivery of his vocals.  He has a flare for writing lyrics that leave an emotional connection, fused by his inspirations. “I’m inspired by many things, people, places, personal experiences, artwork… But I’m truly inspired by those spontaneous moments when an idea pops into my head, bringing me to make music.”

Since the latest EP release from Acting Natural, Carnevale’s goal is to continue to be a fully expressed musician. “Everyone experiences music differently and I would love for people to dig our stuff and be able to relate to our songs in their own way… It might not be the same way we meant it in the song, but that’s one of the extraordinary things about writing. A song becomes something you share with the audience, therefore it becomes apart of them; For me that’s one of the great perks of being a songwriter…